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Eni has been present in Nigeria since 1962 operated mostly as Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) within various joint ventures with NNPC/IOCs. In 2017, Eni’s oil&gas production averaged 109 kboe/d located mainly onshore and offshore the Niger Delta.

Blocks OMLs 60, 61, 62 and 63
Onshore four licenses produced approximately 44 kboe/d and accounted for approximately 40% of Eni’s production in Nigeria in 2017. Liquid and gas production is supported by the NGL plant at Obiafu-Obrikom with a treatment capacity of approximately 1 bcf/d and by the oil tanker terminal at Brass with a storage capacity of approximately 3,5 mmbbl. A large portion of the gas production of these four OMLs supplies the Bonny Island liquefaction plant. Another portion of gas production is employed in firing the combined cycle power plant at Okpai with a 480 MW generation capacity.
In 2017, supplies to this power station were an overall amount of approximately 70 mmcf/d.

Block OML 118
The Bonga oil field produced approximately 15 kboe/d net to Eni in 2017.

Block OML 125
Production derived mainly from the Abo field which yielded approximately 14 kboe/d net to Eni in 2017.

SPDC Joint Venture (NASE)
In 2017, production from the SPDC JV accounted for approximately 30% of Eni’s production in Nigeria (approximately 33 kboe/d).
The development activities mainly concerned the completion of the Forcados-Yokri project in the OML 43 Block (Eni’s interest 5%) and the Gbaran 2A/2B and Associated gas project in the OML 28 Block (Eni’s interest 5%) to supply natural gas to the Bonny liquefaction plant.

Other ENI Upstream Ventures in Nigeria:
1. Eni holds a 10.4% interest in the Nigeria LNG Ltd joint venture, which runs the Bonny liquefaction plant located in the Eastern Niger Delta

2. Agip Energy and Natural Resources (AENR) executing the Service Contract with NNPC in OML 116 located in shallow waters (65 meters) offshore Niger Delta

3. Nigerian Agip Exploration (NAE) incorporated in 1996 by eni to manage Nigerian deep offshore exploration and production assets. NAE as at 2013 has interests in six offshore blocks in Nigeria, both as Operator (OML 125, OML 134, OPL 2009 and OPL 245) and Co-Venturer partner (OML 118 and OML 135).

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Products and Services:
Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Producing Fields/Oil Blocks, Pipeline & Infrastructure
    • Oil Blocks – OML60 (20% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OML61 (20% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OML62 (20% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OML63 (20% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OML125 (100% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OPL245 (50% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OML118 (12.5% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OML116 (Service Contracts)
    • Oil Blocks – OML119 (Service Contracts)
    • Oil Blocks – OML134 (85% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OPL135 (12.5% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OPL2009 (49% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OPL282 (90% Equity)
    • Oil Blocks – OPL135 (48% Equity)
    • Onshore gas plants, processing facilities
    • Shallow-water
    • Pipeline & Infrastructure

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