Pipe Coaters Nigeria Ltd

+234 810 800 2244
Onne, Port Harcourt
Free Trade Terminal Onne, Rivers State. Nigeria.

Created in 1980, Pipe Coaters Nigeria Ltd. joined forces with Tenaris in 2011 to produce coated line pipe products made in Nigeria. Tenaris’s acquisition of a 40% stake in PCN meant that it was able to offer the market its full range of quality line pipe solutions with a high local content, while supplying complete onshore and offshore pipe manufactured in Nigeria for customers in West Africa.
Pipe Coaters Nigeria (PCN) is located in the Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone. It is one of the largest pipe coating companies in Nigeria.

Casimir C. Maduafokwa is the Company’s president/CEO

For more information about this company, please visit: “http://www.pipecoatersnigeria.com”

Products and Services:
Onshore / Offshore Pipe Packages, Coated Pipe Services
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Concrete Weight Coating
  • Internal Coating
  • Sacrificial Anodes Installation
  • Bends and Accessories Coating
  • Welding Services (Double Joint)
  • Support Services: Storage, Pipe-in-Pipe

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