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Welltec is an international provider of robotic well solutions for the oil and gas industry, originating from Denmark (founder: Jørgen Hallundbæk, 1994). The company’s flagship is the “Well Tractor???, a remote-controlled device that is able to convey other intervention tools and perform operations on wireline. The Well Tractor enables operators to run operations on wireline in the entire length of horizontal and highly deviated wells. With the ability to reach the end of these well types, recoverable reserves are increased.

Services range from logging and perforation to mechanical services such as plug pulling/setting, valve manipulation, clean-up, milling and many more.

The company today the company has over 45 offices worldwide and employs more than 1,000 people.

Welltec has Nigeria operating offices/bases in Port, Harcourt and Lagos.

For more information about this company, please visit: “http://www.welltec.com”

Products and Services:
Well Intervention Technology, Project Management
  • Well Tractor Intervention Technologies
  • Wireline-deployed Completion & Production Technologies
  • Well Stroker, the Well Key, the Well Cleaner, the Well Miller and the Welltec Release Device

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